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HP a850e question


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Setup: HP a850e cto MB : ASUSTek Salmon (K8S-LA) Sis760

Mem slot1 : Samsung 8x(64x8) PC3200U 3-3-3-8

Mem slot2 : Corsair VS512MB400 16x(32x8) 2.5-3-3-8


When I run benchmarks (Everest and SiSandra), processor speeds for my

Athlon 64 3200+ are appropriate, but memory tests consistently give results far below par; equivalent to PC2100/PC2500 (according to Everest) in range of 1987 MB/s.


Obviously, the system functions, but I had expected that memory would have behaved more in the PC3200 range. Is there an incompatibilty between these two sticks ?

Thank you.

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