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ICUE issue in Ventura macOS


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Hi guys,

Just wanted to ask does any one has problem with ICUE in Ventura? I bought a K70 RGB MK.2 SE recently since I thought it has app for mac, I used to use Razer and Keychron but because of lack of mac app I switched to Corsair, unfortunately ICUE app will stop responding every 20mins or so and none of macros or profile features work, I have close app completely and open it again!

software version is 4.30.162

mac: MacBook Pro M1 pro


Thank you!

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  • Corsair Employees

What exactly are you using to connect the keyboard to your MacBook pro?

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iCue seems to die whenever macos goes idle (sleep?), at least that's how it looks from my experience.

Dunno what op is using to connect but in my case it's keyboard (k95 rgb) connected to a steam dock which is connected to macbook(m1 air).

I'm guessing it's an issue related to power saving

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Does anyone know if this issue has been fixed?  I was about to upgrade to Ventura on my 2020 MBP and was like, I should check compatibility of important software before I do.  Thankfully I found this.  Anyone have any ideas?  Corsair folks, any data?

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