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HX850i and Inductive Flyback (Voltage Spike)


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I could not select Legacy PSU forum, so ask my question here.

My system spec:  HX850i PSU, Asus Maximus X Hero mobo and Strix 2080 OC VGA

My question is, this PSU is protected against the Inductive Flyback (Voltage Spike) issue?! I ask this question because after PC complete shutdown (fans stops) when I turn off PSU from it back switch the VGA LEDs (I mark them by white arrows) are On and Off for a bit moment! Is this harmful for my PC? I always turn off PC by this switch.

I think this happens because Inductive Flyback.



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What is harmful to your PC is turning off the PSU switch everytime. It is not designed to be turned off constantly and you will damage the PSU in the long run.

Otherwise, there is no overshoot on the supply rails no. Maybe those two LEDs are meant to flash when the voltage drops too low?

Or it's the RGB controller that just reboots in loop when the 12V rail is powered down.. 

Whatever it is, you shoud leave the PSU powered at all times, and only use the switch when you need to plug/unplug stuff in the PC.

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In this model vga, these tiny white  leds are on on normal 12V and when vga voltage is not normal there are other 2 red leds for that. Also these leds are on just when entire system is on. except in this my issue!

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well, do not turn off the PSU ^^ you will prevent killing the PSU, and as a bonus your video card will not flash its leds.

computer PSUs should never be switched off.

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