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Double clicks and macros miss

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Using https://www.clickspeedtester.com/ 
I dont get a single double click unless I mean to
But on my desktop? *#$& every single time. As an artist, using a magic wand selection tool, this is killing me


Using "mofiki's coordinate finder" to retrieve cursor coordinates, because Corsair somehow overlooked or neglected the need for such a function to complete their product.
I setup the macro as pictured, https://imgur.com/a/MBEkWwC , the delays were put in place once I noticed the macro wouldn't complete the task. I was unsure at the time why it was encountering problems.
After two days of troubleshooting, I've realized the macro will not navigate from Monitor 1-->2 at all. It appears to get stuck halfway up monitor 1at the screen split between monitor 1-2
where my monitor layout is 3--1--2 with the bottom edge of each monitor level with monitor 1.
Monitor models:
Monitor 1: VG248
Monitor 2: Acer S201HL
Monitor 3: Acer S201HL
Windows version: 22H2 19045.2251
I've even tried simplifying the macro into 5 separate macros that trigger in a sequence.

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  • Corsair Employees

Unfortunately what you are experiencing is a Windows limitation. The mouse movement macro using absolute coordinates is not going to be able to move to the second monitor. This is not a bug, and there is no way around this limitation in the iCUE software.

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