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Release Notes for iCUE 4.31.168

Corsair Marcus

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Hallo zusammen,

Hier könnt ihr die aktuellen Release Notes von iCUE einsehen inkl. download.

Version 4.31.168

Software Enhancements

·         NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4000 series cards have been added for NVIDIA Broadcast support

·         Resolved an issue with Murals not applying lighting across all RGB fans

HID Product Enhancements

·         Customizing the EQ Switch has been improved by removing the pop-up window that appeared separately from all of the other controls

·         Resolved an issue with the inability to scroll in certain panels for iCUE NEXUS

DIY Product Enhancements

·         We are aware of an issue with certain AMD platforms causing DDR5 memory detection issues, especially after a Thunderbolt driver update. There is a short-term implementation in this version of iCUE that will resolve the problem but introduces a slight delay of 30 seconds for the memory to appear in iCUE. A more efficient solution will be implemented in the next update and we apologize for the inconvenience.

·         Improved the editing of the timer for Elite LCD’s gallery feature

·         Commander Core XT preset fan curves have been for less overall noise

·         PSU sensors on the Dashboard for HXi will no longer appear in random order

·         Resolved a hardware lighting issue for all Vengeance RGB memory

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