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Hi, hope someone can help me. My apologies for bad grammar and tenses. I recently bought a 570x case with 6x SP 120 pro rgb fans. I only realized afterwards that the case didn't come with a SP lighting controller. I believe the build in controller on the case connects to the SP controller which in turn connects to the motherboard. My question is, what SP Lighting controller must I buy for the 570x and will one SP controller be enough for 6 rgb fans? 

Thank you in advance 




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The 570X case used to come with 3 SP-RGB fans, an RGB lighting hub for power, and a thumb remote to manually change the lighting between a few basic patterns. It did not integrate into the CUE system natively and that required an iCUE controller like a Lighting Node Pro or Commander Pro. 

What are these other three “SP” fans you have? There are multiple generations of SP fan starting with the SP-RGB on the 570X, then later the SP-Pro, and now SP-elite. The original SP-RGB on the 570x are not compatible with any other RGB fan type and most of the newer RGB controllers. You need to be precise with the exact type of fan added. 

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