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Voyager a1600 Laptop - It's Been Garbage

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I get 20-40 fps in Fortnite on medium settings.

The iCue software is constantly crashing / getting hung up.

The Slipstream Module has forgotten my device randomly.

The internal display flickers when I have other monitors plugged in.

The system gets into an error state when being resumed, with the browser being all white, the start menu and taskbar not working.  Requires a reboot.

Now, I am unable to install the latest drivers, play the latest games, or revert back to the original drivers.  No AMD software will stay installed.


This thing needs a serious overhaul.  I'm likely returning it tonight or tomorrow.  This is absurd.


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Looks like Windows Update pushed a new driver down to the laptop during the night at some point.  I also noticed the Adrenalin software is back, which is great.  Corsair Albert has been really helpful as well, providing a beta driver along with a few troubleshooting steps that helped gets things going again.

Everything is now running smoothly, and with the latest update to Fortnite and DX12, everything looks great.

Seems like things are getting cleaned up.  May be some issues with Windows 11 to be honest.  Overall, this machine is doing great.

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