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CMX1024-3200C2 Ram and Asus P4P800-e Motherboard Problems with After Effects


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I have a Asus P4P800-e Mobo and im trying to run it with a matched pair of Corsair CMX1024-3200CS ram modules, the problem that I am having is when I go to do a render in After effects that requires alot of processing power and ram usage the render will abort half way through about the time large ammounts of memory are needed,when I put back my other set of ram that I was using before they are Corsair 2x TwinX 512 the render works fine as it did before.


I have tried tweaking latancy settings and increasing voltage but this doesnt work I have also tried each module on its own with the same result on each.


any ideas or tests I could try?




M :confused:

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This symptom seems to be a bios issue or more prevalent with this chipset in general. But this may also be caused by a bios setting and or a weak or failing PSU. Can you list your complete system spec and the bios version you have installed and the bios settings you have set? In addition, what so you have the AGP aperture size set to? I would try this at 128 Meg and 256 to see if that makes a difference, as well as set the AGP voltage to 1.6 Volts.
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