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Do I need a separate fan hub for the 3x pack QL 120mm fans set?

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I bought the 3x QL 120mm pack https://www.corsair.com/eu/en/Categories/Products/Fans/RGB-%26-LED-Fans/iCUE-QL-RGB-PWM-Fan/p/CO-9050098-WW but I'm confused about the bundled RGB HUB. I see it has 6 slots but they all seem to be RGB connector slots. Each fan has two separate cables one RGB and one standard FAN connector. The question is, where do I connect the other FAN cable per fan? do I need an extra FAN connector hub? I have built two PCs before but in those cases I used the command core bundled with AIOs where I could connect both types of connectors RGB and FAN connectors but in this case it seems that the RGB HUB supports 6x RGB fan connectors but then I need a solution to connect all the FAN connector cables to .... this is not clear in the quick install guides.

Just to recap, the bundled RGB HUB only allows connecting RGB cables for 6x fans not only 3x fans and I need to find and connect the FAN cables somewhere in my system.

Can anyone please comment or clarify?

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Most of the Corsair RGB fans historically come with a RGB controller in multipack form. This is the required device for RGB control only. For speed control you are on your own and that would be motherboard fan headers or another standalone fan controller. 

The Elite Capellix AIOs have a Commander Core  because there is no way to squeeze a typical PWM + RGB controller into the LED pump head like on the prior Platinum model. It’s cost is in that product’s price and it’s not an optional feature.  If you want fan speed control in cue, you’ll need a Commander XT. This is just like the Commander Core from your other build, but it trades the AIO power circuitry for an extra LED port for strips and a usb passthrough port. A Commander Pro would work for speed control, but you won’t have the RGB lighting hubs necessary from older fan types so this is not recommended. 

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