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Liquid temps seem high for idle


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My room is about 22 degrees and my coolant temp is about 33 degrees how do i tell if my pump is going bad.

The screenshot i posted are at idle temps not sure whats going on with this cooler. Screenshot_20221205_073356.thumb.png.b46ea2ef6f6251292ad7917ff84e9592.pngScreenshot_20221205_073506.png.bde9db6199b799a17771035b818b1b2f.png

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It’s not necessarily too high and minimum possible coolant temp will be the case internal ambient temperature rather than room temp.  It is above the general +4-7C over room temp I often state, but each case and set up is unique. Put your pc in a corner or under a desk and it’s going to have a warm bubble around it. Some cases are all sealed glass and that’s always going to be warmer than mesh everywhere. 

Quit CUE for a moment and open up a more complex monitoring program like HWinfo or if you have a motherboard program that shows the “motherboard temp” sensor you can use that. Typically this is in the center of the board and if it’s also 31-33C, then you know that’s as low as you go. Another approach is to take the door off. If you see the coolant temp drop 2-3C over the next few minutes, you know it’s case related. A partial restricted cpu block or other flow issue won’t care about the door and its elevated temp is because the liquid is lingering in the block for too long. Another check against that is setting your pump to maximum at idle.  This should make absolutely no difference in a working system. If you cpu temp drop 2-3C a second after upping the speed, something is wrong. 

Final thing to look at is cpu activity. I’m not sure if it’s because you were taking a screen shot, but 43C is a bit high on idle even with the 33C base. The Vcore is elevated so I suspect this is the screenshot, but while in HWinfo look at your CPU idle power in watts. It should be 21W or less. My 13900K has no trouble relaxing at idle so if yours is racing about, something is causing it. 

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closing every program my idle temps were about 36 degrees but looking at hwinfo my system temps say 33 degree and the coolant 28 degrees. is that right?

my case is to next to a wall on the side that shouldn't cause any problems.  Also what concerns me is when gaming the coolant can reach up to 50 degrees in some games like fifa 23 that game seems to be the hottest not sure why , i suspect that my GPU is dumping all the heat onto it and the aio can't get the heat out quick enough i run my fans on the aio about 1300-1400 rpm. and the the case fans run at 1000 rpm




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So 50C coolant while gaming is pretty much at the max. After that you get into cpu temp problems since 50C coolant also means 50C cpu temp at 0v. It also suggests this is about managing case and not the AIO. However, you can do a quick check on that yourself by running a stress test for cpu only. AIDA, OCCT, doesn’t really matter. If there is a flow problem the coolant will shoot up 10-15C almost immediately. A normal increase for your cpu would be +6-8C after 10 min. You don’t need to run this very long. 5 min is enough to tell. A working cooler also will remove most of the increase in a few minutes. 

It’s possible the three too fans are effectively stealing all the air off the top of the gpu and very little goes out the back. Before gaming try setting the radiator fans to a comfortable fixed speed like 1000 rpm. Then set the front and rear fans to a higher setting. See if that helps push air through the case rather than out the top.  

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