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CORSAIR Hydro Series H115i or H150I (2016) Screws

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Good afternoon everyone,

Back in 2016, I bought CORSAIR Hydro Series H115i, or maybe it is an H150i (it has three fans). I didn't know the liquid eventually get evaporated. I decided to flush the remaining liquid and pour new liquid. The screws got stripped, and I can't find the screws in any hardware stores. I took the screw to a few hardware stores, but no one can tell me the size of the screws. Could anyone please help me out with where to buy the screws? And what size are the screws? I try appreciate it if you can give me a link to Amazon or Bay.







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It's not going to be something you can buy on Amazon or Ebay and no one sells replacement screws for it.    The design spec makes it deliberately hard to remove and almost intended to strip when trying to take them out.  They don't want you to do that.  The driver implement used isn't going to matter too much.  Your best bet was to take that into a hardware store and try to match it with a common machine screw.  I am surprised no one there was able to make a recommendation.  I've never seen the screw spec mentioned in these forums.  You could try sending in a Support Ticket asking for that information, but I am not sure that will be successful.  

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