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Corsair h80i v2 vs iCUE

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I just installed this watercooler and I was in doubt about where to plug the pump reader. My motherboard (TUF X570) does have a pump (AIO) reader to plug it, but the Corsair manual says to plug it on CPU_FAN reader so I did it. Also connected the USB reader from the pump on the motherboard, and also plugged both fans on the two connectors that come from the pump.

After installing the iCUE software, I noticed the fans were displaying 0 rpm, even tho the fans were spinning without making noise. I read somewhere that the CPU_FAN must be set to 100%. So I went to the bios and changed from Standard (it had a temp curve) to Full Speed. Saved and restarted, and now the iCUE Software is displaying the fan speed correctly. I just noticed there's some noise tho.

First  want to know if I did the right thing, and if I did, I would like to know if there's a way to set the rpm of the fans a bit lower when idling to reduce noise. I already set both the fans and the pump to idle mode. Fans are running at 1500rpm (Quiet mode) and pump at around 1900 (Quiet mode). I attached a screenshot from my iCUE software.


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The connector from the H80i v2 should go to cpu fan in most instances. Its purpose is to cause a bios level alarm (cpu boot error) if the pump does not talk back on power on. If you connect it to AIO-Fan or one of these other “specialty” motherboard fan headers, then you must disable the cpu boot protection in the BIOS. Since these specialty headers offer nothing other than being preset to 100% (12v), there is no reason to use them in most setups and unlike Cpu fan or OPT may be able to be used as a case fan header if needed. 

USB 2 connector must be in place for device and software to communicate. 

You certainly can get off the presets. Each user is going to have a somewhat unique environment. There is no way to write a universal preset as someone in a Nordic climate will see lower load temps than the idle value in a tropical location.  Click the yellow + in the cooling tab.  A graph will appear below.  Change the sensor value to “H80i v2 Temp”.  This is the liquid temp in the cooler.  Set a quiet fan speed around 800-1000 rpm for the idle value (looks to be around 34C).  Leave it flat for another 3C then start increasing speed.  You’ll probably max out around 45C and should set the highest speed you are willing to tolerate for that.  Save the 2000 rpm blast for something like 50C.  That should be out of reach.  


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