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What kind of Z690 motherboard ,RTX 4090, and NVMe SSD are included in the i7400 Vengeance?


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What kind of Z690 motherboard ,RTX 4090, and  2TB NVMe SSD are included in the i7400 Vengeance?

I have been considering buying the i7400 but I just wanted to do due diligence by figuring out exactly what I would be purchasing.

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So based on the one review, the 4090 is going to be lottery. Whatever Corsair can get their hands on first is what you're getting. The one customer/review received an ASUS TUF for his lottery, but I wouldn't necessarily count on that. Although, to be honest, a 4090 is a 4090 at this point, there isn't a ton of differences between reference/founders edition and AIB PCB's. As for the motherboard, it appears we're getting the MSI Pro Z-690A, NVMe drive looks like the Force MP600 2TB drive (Not the fastest drive out there, but certainly not the worst choice), and RAM appears to be Vengeance PC 5600 DDR5 non RGB (Though previous Vengeance Prebuilt builds appear to include Dominator Platinum instead, so not 100% certain on this), however Corsair doesn't offer the 5600 speed in both RGB variants, so we'll see on this. Still awaiting delivery of mine, and suspect because of when I placed my order closer to the end of November, I'll likely be waiting through Christmas.


I might pull the trigger on Lyte PC Colossus, as I called and they claim to actually have their components in stock and are still turning them out as of today with 2 week delivery times, but I'm just not sure about the components. It sounds like such a hodgepodge mishmash of crap thrown into a case, that doesn't actually get any kind of QA before being shipped out. They're still relatively new boutique builder. The Vengeance 7400 is still the King of "Value" after having compared a ton of different prebuilds not to mention being comprised of Corsair RAM, SSD, AIO Cooler, and PSU, I'd rather have the Power Supply over literally any other component as Corsair PSU's are Seasonic over whatever cheap PSU other companies are tossing in theirs willy nilly. Anyway, my two pennies. I'll post my build here too once I receive mine, so potential buyers are better informed too as there is literally only one review.

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Thanks for replying. Yeah I saw that post mentioning the ASUS TUF and MSI MB.

I tried to make a build on PC Part Picker with what I knew just to compare the price of building my own and it came within $100-$200 of the i7400. This is of course assuming it is possible to get a hold of a 4090 at close to MSRP, which is not likely.

After finding out about AMD's new GPUs, the 7900 XT and 7900 XTX, I am going to wait and see how they perform in IRL benchmarks outside of marketing claims. I would be more than willing to sacrifice some performance in exchange for the MSRP of the XTX which is supposed to be a $1000. $1600 is absurd even for the ridiculous performance the 4090 offers. I also don't want to deal with the power consumption and thermal issues it has. Hopefully Corsair will move to make systems with them in a timely manner.

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