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K63 Wireless keyboard won't turn on (bricked)

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Hi everyone,

My K63 keyboard won't turn on.
I have tried the following:
- Reset (holding ESC while turning on)
- Firmware reset (holding ESC while plugging the cable)
- Hard reset (holding pin on the bottom while plugging the cable)
- Checking the charging cable on another device (works)
- Trying to turn on the keyboard with the different USB cable (still won't turn on)
- Submitted the ticket  (2005734661) 8 days ago, and received no response so far. 

In the meantime, while waiting for the support response, I have unscrewed the bottom case to measure the battery voltage. The battery is being charged when the USB cable is connected, so it seems to me that the device is getting enough of power to work.

I guess that I need to force the firmware update somehow. Any help would be much appreciated to unbrick the device.

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Sorry for the late response.
I am truly grateful to Corsair support for sending me the replacement unit.
(I did have the proof of purchase, and the unit was within the warranty period)

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