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New Build -2 Problems with Corsair H150i LCD not working and noisy.


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Problem 1

Built a new system yesterday and the AIO H150i lcd display does not work. It  shows the ring in iCue settings but no "lcd settings" tab.

Specs in profile plus cooler rads were mounted in the top of the case. (i9 12900k-Asus Z690-f-32gb Dominator 5600.-H1000i psu - Rtx 3090Ti- 1TB m.2.

The lcd screen did not work from the first boot.  

Installed all windows updates - installed Asus armour crate and updated  drivers- installed latest iCue software (V.4.30.162) - was prompted to update H150i firmware to (V.2.11.221).

All updated (apart from Asus bios but not sure that should matter, as the lcd display didnt work from first boot.

Have tried switching usb headers on the motherboard and swopping with the splitter also. As have H1000i psu connected also.

Have tried power off and remove ComCore plug etc and swapped sata  connections.

Removed pump head and reinstalled it. (not the most positive connection  also the usb2 splitter connections seem loose compared to others.).


Sould i try uninstalling iCue and re install again.  

Should the lcd display anything even before iCue was installed?


Problem 2 = Noisey buzzing from pump.

On inital build boot i had a quiet pump however did have what i can only explain as a constant squeaky pulsing noise.

Tapping the side of the case seen to quiet it for a while so i suspected a fan bearing etc.

After installing iCue and an hour or so the noise disappeared, however the pump makes a audible buzzing noise which was diagnosed by changing pump speeds in iCue from quiet to balanced.

Is this a bad pump ready to fail or air which wont shift in the pump? 

What setting should the pump be set at?



Is there anything else i can try before returning item to the shop? 

Or even should i send it back or get it repaired. Is only a week or 2 old and only built pc yesterday.


PLEASE HELP ... as not sure if a product replacement via shop should be done or a rma via corsair.


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Just RMAd it back to the place i purchased it. Lets hope its not a software issue or something simple as had to un build to get the rad out also. Shame just coulnt send the screen back on its own.

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