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LL120/140, Lighting Node Pro problem.


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My 6 x RGB fans aren't working (4 x LL120, 2 x LL140) with regards to lighting not power/rpm. I can control rpm just fine. So here's how I've hooked up everything:

* 3 x LL120 4-pin connected to 4-way splitter. 4 way splitter connected to CPU_FAN Motherboard header (front radiator)

* 1 x LL120 4-pin connected to CHA_FAN1 header (rear exhaust)

* 1 x LL140 4-pin connected to CHA_FAN2 header (top exhaust [a])

* 1 x LL120 4 pin connected to CPU_OPT header (top exhaust [b])


* The three LL120's (front radiator) have their RGB cables connected to one  "corsair RGB fan LED hub" in slots 1>2>3  with the fan hub connected to channel 1 in a "Lighting Node PRO RGB lighting controller"

* The remaining single LL120 (rear exhaust) and two LL140 (top exhaust) have their RGB cables connected to a second corsair RGB fan LED hub in slots 1>2>3, with it's fan hub connected to channel 2 in the Lighting Node Pro RGB lighting controller. 


I did a full uninstall reinstall of icue following this guide and the lighting node pro is detected in icue. I've set 3 LL fans in each channel but every fan just stays a red color.  


Some other points I'd like to know is how many watts each fan draws at full brightness at full RPM. I've got a feeling at max brightness and rpm all 6 can draw near or over SATA's maximum power.


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