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H150I Elite LCD Issues

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Firstly what exactly is going on with this LCD? I've had it since it came out and have has nothing but connectivity issues with ICUE. The forums and online are filled with posts of people having issues and none of them seem to actually get resolved or answered by anyone from corsair.

Sorry for the long post but these are all things i have tried.

-Uninstalled AIDA64 and ARMORY CRATE

-Re wired the entire Core/LCD to individually go to USB 2.0 Headers on the Motherboard

-Removed the device from Bluetooth and had it re detect after a full reboot

-FULL uninstall of ICUE (Reg keys and all)

-Checked for updates and also manually pushed updates to the Core

-Bios is up to date

-Windows is up to date

-Tried every wiring configuration with the LCD and Core that you can imagine

Lastly what is weird is that sometimes on a fresh boot the LCD will do its initial splash screen and then display the image that i had downloaded to it prior to all these issues, but that only lasts for about 2 seconds and then it goes right back to indicating a hardware issue.

I submitted a ticket as well - Ticket Number (2005732222)

If there is anyone else out there that has any suggestions please let me know. I also have been reading through megathread related to the issue on here but it doesn't seem to have anything that i haven't tried besides people talking about some lucrative .hex file that somehow doesn't exist anywhere online.

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It's definitely on the software side, since I did mostly everything what you just described and saw the starting splash screen to the red triangle too. Force updating the LCD Screen makes it work for a few seconds before going back to the error.

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Would've edited my post if I can, but I managed to fix it! It really was the connecter with the thick cable that was having issues. You really need to press down on that sucker HARD until you're certain it can't go any further.

(Should probably push down until you can't see the white strip on the connector)


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