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It is listed in the Corsair shop, but you might have better luck sourcing it from a 3rd party reseller like eBay or the like. Since it comes with multipack fans, a lot of users wind up with extras.

Lightning Node Core devices are RGB only but perhaps you’ve managed your 10 fan speed control with a PWM hub. If not, then a Commander XT solves both lighting and speed control options. That would be a better buy than a Lighting Node Pro for most users. 

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The Lighting Node Core is typically available for purchase here but is sadly currently unavailable. c-attack is right and you may find this available at other resellers. These come with most of our 3 packs and a lot of customers will sell the extra controller as they do not need this. Part number is CL-8930009 if that helps. You can also get on the notify me list as well.

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do you ship to europe?

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