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Virtuoso Wireless Receiver Issues on Playstation Mode

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I am not sure if this is a ongoing issue but I noticed something really odd.  I got the Virtuoso RGB on Black Friday and I really like the headset overall. However, I did notice that it would cut in and out and randomly go quiet from time to time. I did a bunch of troubleshooting, even formatting my PC as I just replaced the CPU and wanted to move my OS to the M.2 drive. It kept on persisting even when reinstalled my OS. Then I used it on my PS5 and PS4, and the same behaviors would show. 

On a whim, I poked around the Virtuoso Wireless Receiver. I saw that the mode was defaulted to Playstation. I moved it to Multipoint and it fixed all my issues. 

Is there any reason why a broken mode is default when someone is setting it up? 

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