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Hi, I have a problem with an H115I cooler. it only lights up red and green. and only works with a special SATA cable. If I plug it into another SATA cable, the light only comes on red, and the pump does not work. If I plug in the USB cable, the cable gets hot and can start to get very, very hot. I have tried a corsair psu but then it just lights up red. then with the ROG 1000w PSU, it works on 1 special SATA cable. TYPE 4 cable. the other is RB55 cable. If I connect other things, everything works as normal on all the cables. I have to say I don't understand anything here now. is it simply the pump that is broken. it seems to cool normally when it lights up red and green. but I can't change any colors in icue, because it naturally doesn't find any pump without a usb cable.. are there any wise minds here who can know this? and I haven't connected any fans to the pump either, because these are taken from the motherboard's headers. Is it just to be replaced or is there something that I may have done wrong?

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Based on all information in your statement, what would appear to have happened is that you are mixing SATA power cables between different PSUs, and PSU manufacturers, which has lead you to damage the cooler.

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