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Unable to install ICUE4


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Having a horrid time trying to install iCUE4. I've gone through countless threads to remedy and have had zero results.

Issue goes like this:

1.) install iCUE

2.) install hangs at 72%

3.) cancel installer, restart PC

4.) after restart, sure enough, iCUE is listed in my start menu

5.) Macro Execution Unavailable error pops up -- everything else works, lighting effects, DPI

Interestingly enough, is that when I attempt to uninstall iCUE, it actually doesn't show as an installed program. Which sort of makes sense, in that I'm having to cancel the install because it hangs at 72% -- it is odd that I can open the app though.

Hoping someone has some idea of what could be going on. Specs below:


Intel i5-10600k



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Update for this one. Updated my BIOS to the most recent version.

Did a clean uninstall and now went ahead to reinstall ICUE. This time the installer got to 1% and I let it run. Then the error popped up that the installer was 'unresponsive' and that I could cancel or retry. I ended up just canceling.

On restart, sure enough ICUE is now installed. However, when I run ICUE I still receive the Macro Execution error.

I'm at wits end and at this point I think the easiest option is to just drop all corsair stuff and move on.

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