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Corsair K55 Keyboard typing at random

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I've had to pull out my old Kensington here to replace my K55, as I have unplugged it for typing at random, typing the wrong keys and doing things that otherwise should NOT be happening...
Is there a way to fix it without replacing it? I've had the keyboard close to 4 years now, and it was running perfectly fine this afternoon, until about 4 hours ago, whereupon I tried to do a shutdown, thinking my rig had been hacked... No. Tried updating iCUE to the latest version... was fine until I restarted my rig. Tried uninstalling iCUE... took a Keyboard test, and it SEEMED to be working fine until I, again, restarted my PC... so here I am now, having unplugged it from the rig and replaced with my ollllllllld Kensington. Working perfectly fine, and I've just reinstalled iCUE for my headset(Corsair Void Pro) and headset stand(Corsair HT100).

Could I please get some assistance with my K55 Keyboard? I'd like to keep the old boy for a much longer time to come. I've treated it well, as I don't bang on(at least not often, and NOT hard) the keyboard, and I don't abuse it or throw it like SOME people... 

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I just updated my k100 to the new firmware earlier this week, and updated iCue. Now mine is hitting random keys during the lighting effects. I opened a ticket, and still no response. My old keyboard works fine, nothing happens. Uninstalled iCue, uninstalled all keyboard drivers, still happens. 

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