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Corsair Void Wireless Gaming Headset - No longer holding charge

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Hey there, 

I've had this Corsair Void Wireless Gaming Headset for nearly 10 years. It's been a great headset for that time, but recently it hasn't been able to hold charge. Likely the headset has just gotten old and isn't as strong as it used to be. Normally, one would just suggest to replace the headset. I'm a Guild Master for a very active WoW guild and my voice is something my guildmates have become so used to hearing over our 5 years together that whenever I change my headset I always get complaints that it doesn't sound like me. Because of those complaints, I always just go back to using my tried and true old model Corsair Void. Its a pain because now anytime I move my head, the charging plug will move and the headset will beep at me as if it momentarily lost power. Then, it'll shut off. I'll have to repower the headset via the power button and not make any extravagant moves in order to ensure the plug doesn't move and thus disconnect it from power.

What I'm wondering is this; is this brand of Corsair Void still out there or was the line discontinued? I tried upgrading to Void RGB Pro and Void RGB Elite but neither of those microphones still sounds anywhere near the same for whatever reason. They were plenty comfortable and felt the same to wear but the way that I sound through the microphone is a key part of it for me and the people I play video games with. 

I would absolutely love to purchase this exact model if its still being manufactured or if there are any in stock at Corsair. It's a shame purchasing a product you love so much, it having difficulties later on and then not being able to replace it with the same exact thing. Maybe I'm old school but I would love to just have this exact same headset as it was when I first got it. 

Any help is appreciated! Specs below.

Model Number: RDA0003
Lot Number: 17163503

PIN: CA-9011132

believe its this model, which isn't in stock on Corsair's website. But I'm not sure as I'm not super duper tech savvy. 


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That exact headset has been discontinued for quite a few years at this point and is no longer available.

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