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CPU Temps differ between iCUE / HWInfo & Core Temp


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I recently built my first PC and am lost when it comes to CPU temps. Hopefully somebody here can help me out.



Z690A-Pro Motherboard

i7-13700k CPU

Corsair H150i Elite AIO

10 LL120 Corsair fans

Monitoring Software: iCUE, HWInfo, Core Temp


Problem: While I was playing a game, I saw that my CPU Temps were exceeding 90C at times on the HWInfo software. When I checked the iCUE software, the temp given for the CPU package sensor was ~38C, with no individual cores exceeding 40C.  AIO fans are spinning at around 800 RPM, with the pump at around 2500 RPM. Idk what temps the CPU is supposed to be sitting at, but high 80s and 90s seem a little to much.


Question: Am I reading something wrong or misinterpreting something?

I restarted the system, let the game run for 5 minutes and took this screenshot:




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  • Corsair Employee

Running multiple hardware monitoring software at the same time will cause conflicts and bad data to be provided and displayed as they all use the same CPUID SDK and will conflict with eachother.

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