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iCUE H150i Elite Firmware Update stuck


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No, not normal. It should take 10-20 seconds. See if the help topic below is relevant. 



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I was having the same issue as the above with my new h150i.
the link didn't answer his question.
I restarted my system.
Now the cooler isn't showing in icue at all for me to even try the "force update" option.

More background.
Installed it today (replacing my old h100)
Immediately asked to update when I turned it on.
Update said to make sure it plugged directly into system, not through a hub, so I cancelled the update, shut down icue, and disconnected the cooler from the commander pro and connected it directly to the mobo where the pro HAD been connected. (I didn't shut my system down entirely first, probably the source of my issues here)
I then restarted icue and went strait for the "update cooler firmware" notice, without noticing that icue was showing 2 coolers.
The update completed, but the notices kept appearing. I completed the update 2 more times before manually clearing the notices, which is when I noticed the 2nd cooler in icue
I selected the first cooler in the list and it immediately demanded the update again, this one hung. (I'm guessing it was the cooler it thought should be plugged into the commander pro)
See above with the restarting of the system.

Icue was then showing 2 coolers, but neither were selectable, just greyed out.
I tried following this https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us/articles/4405844793869-How-to-Fix-device-detection-issues-after-an-iCUE-update , including repairing the icue installation, and restarted.
Now the cooler isn't showing in icue at all. (and the fans are running flat out :( )

I have a horrible feeling i've borked the firmware. I'm just hoping it is somehow fixable

17-8700k (no OC atm)
Gigabyte z370 Aorus Gaming 7 mobo

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Did you Find a solution by chance? I am having the same issue, My firmware got stuck and failed. now my h150i elite wont show up in iCue at all. the pump is cooling but no lights and it also gives me random disconnects. It's terrible lol...

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On 31.08.2023 at 05:12, DocHolliday85 said:

Мне помог кто-то из Reddit. У меня есть HEX-файл, если вы повредили прошивку h150i Elite RGB. Это только для (H150i Elite RGB), а не для capellix. 

Hello Doc Holliday, I have the same problem with the water cooling h150i, it would be no problem for you to send me the firmware file too, if you don't mind, Thanks a lot in advance
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On 9/9/2023 at 9:59 AM, DocHolliday85 said:

Hi Versus, I sent a private message. I will need your email to send the file as it looks like this website won't let me attach the file. I will gladly send it to you. 

Hello, I have sent you a private message, if you could help me with the hex file, I have the same problem and the same AIO model
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