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7000X Checklist


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Hey gang, I'm going to be case swapping and upgrading in the near future, and I wanted to run my ideas by those that would have a better idea to make sure I'm on the right path.

My build currently resides in a 500D RGB SE, so I figure the 7000X would give me plenty of added room for airflow to improve my temperatures and give me more room to manage the Strimers (I like my primary system to be obscenely RGB).  I figure the X is better over the D for the added Commander, despite me replacing all the fans in the D. 

Here's my list so far, starting with parts that will be new;
7000X, of course
Asus Crosshair VIII Formula X570
Ryzen 9 5900X (Upgrading from a 9900K and Z390)
H170i Elite Capellix AIO
Likely 64GB Dom Plats
9xLL120s, 4 in the front to replace SP140s as intakes, 4 in the case (intakes?), and 1 at the rear as exhaust. I like the look of the LLs, and I believe they are comparable or better than the SPs?
I'm not planning on stripping the LLs out of the 500D simply because they've worked faithfully for about 3 years and I figure they could use a break
I do plan on swapping the front tempered glass with the 7000D mesh front, assuming that's possible, which is one of my questions

Parts moving over from my current build;
Asus Strix RTX3090
My m.2 as well as 2 SATA SSDs and 1 HDD

My main concerns are if I'm able to swap the front panel of the 7000X for the mesh front of the 7000D for better airflow, and what I'll need for all the fans as far as controllers. Will I need an additional Commander for the fans, or will the Nodes in the two fan packs I'm getting be enough? My current case only has the 3 LLs in the front and 1 in the rear, so the included hardware was enough, and I've never worked with more than 4 fans, so I want to be sure I'm going into this prepared.

As far as everything goes, what are the opinions and suggestions? Would the 7000D be a better approach and buy the Commander separately?

Thanks, community, you are all awesome!

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I have the 7000X and converted mine to the 7000D, the X comes with a Commander Core XT, you can easily connect the node to it, it also has a fan controller.  The case is one heavy beast when fully loaded.  I'm getting ready to swap my Ryzen 5800x, Asus Prime x570 Pro, 32GB, H150i Elite Capellix AIO, and 3080 TI and put in a Ryzen R9 7950x, Asus Strix x670E-A Gaming Wifi and 32GB DDR5 6000, keeping the GPU, Cooler, drives and PSU.  As for your fans the bigger 140s push a bit more air, but either way your fans will work.  I took the cover off the side panel vent and left the mesh grill on it for a bit more air flow,   


The main difference you'll notice between the X and D models is the X comes with the Commander Core XT and the LED fans the D model comes with fan controller and no RGB.  I went the route of getting the X and then buying the airflow panels they have the same snap connectors on both models for all the panels.  It's a good case, roomy, lots of tie downs on the back for cable management, just be warned if you use the alt bottom tray L shaped part, it has a gap on the side and if you don't tie your cables and tuck them away really well, they can pop out and ruin the look.  The blue pic is the Ryzen R7 5800x




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