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Corsair Virtuoso XT (T Pain) Crashing iCue when disconnected

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Hello all,

I have been having an issue for over a year regarding my Corsair Virtuoso XT causing iCue to crash. This only happens when my headset is in wireless mode and goes to sleep due to no movement or I walk out of range and it disconnects from my PC. All of my PC cooling runs through iCue so the fans running at reduced capacity is not great and has caused my entire PC to crash. 

Things I have tried:

Uninstall/reinstall/update iCue

unpair headset from wireless receiver

countless other fixes...

Please help.

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I'm having the exact same issue. my headset was working perfectly fine then went to sleep mode and went "unavailable" so I turn it "off/on" using the wireless to wired button and it crashed my iCUE. now I can't even use my headset!!!!

Screenshot 2023-10-29 143103.png

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