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Fan RGB on H115i Elite Capellix 280mm AIO not working

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The RGB on the fans of my AIO doesn't work. I checked countless times that the 24 pin connector is plugged in to the commander core as well as the rgb cables. It is also plugged in to the USB slot on my motherboard. The pump rgb works just fine, as well as general functionality of the AIO (the fans spins, pump works, etc.). Another bizarre thing is that one of the fans lights up white. iCUE does not recognize my fans, and I've also tried automatic/manual detection in iCUE

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If you can see the Commander Core in CUE, none of the other connections matter — just the RGB wire from fan to Commander Core RGB port. Unlike most devices, the Com Core is not serial so if you have your two fans in RGB #1 and 2, move them to 3 & 4 to check the RGB port. 

If that does not change anything, but then back in 1/2 and try to manually configure the Lighting Setup. If it’s just those two fans then it is “8 LED series x 2”. 

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