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Spare HX650 6+2 PCI-E Cable

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I recently ordered a new graphics card (RX 6700 XT) which needs an 8pin and a 6pin PCI-e cable for power. I currently have one of the cables that came with my PSU, the HX650, which is plugged into my GTX 1060, but I seem to have lost the spare cables while moving last year. At the PSU end, the existing cable has a blue end with spots for 8 pins (2x4), though the cable itself only uses the right 6. At the PCI-e end, it has a black 6+2pin connector, which is using all 8 in my GTX 1060. I'm looking to get a compatible cable, but the ones available on the store don't seem to exactly match the layout I already have. Could someone shed some light on what I need to get? Pardon the dust.



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