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Warranty information from 2014

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Hey guys, not sure what forum to post this in, but I wanted to enquire about something, I purchased a hxi1000i November 25th 2014 from SCAN and after 7 years the Psu has failed on me, it did me well, but based on the warranty online I sent it back expecting a 10 year guarantee, to which scan has informed me my PSU is out of warranty, because it had a 5 year warranty on it, I've searched the internet until corsairs support opens next week and I can't find any information saying the hxi1000i was sold with a 5 year guarantee, I see articles of the 7 year warranty being extended to 10 years, Scans own website has the PSU listed as end of life meaning they changed the warranty to 12 months but they can't provide anything showing it had a 5 year guarantee, does anyone have any information on this? I'm unaware of the hxi1000i went through any process of change that makes my model different than any other model from 2014 onward? And they won't honour any 10 year warranty without corsairs say so, am I right in thinking it had a longer than 5 year warranty in 2014? Thank you

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The warranty for that PSU is 10 years.  There is a new "HX1000i" that recently came out and that may be related to the response you received.  You'll probably need to go through Corsair RMA if they are going to be difficult.  



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