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TUF GAMING Z690-PLUS PLUS WIFI DDR4 XMP not working at rated speed


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I have installed the above motherboard paired with a I7 12700K.  I have updated the board to the most recent bios version.  I have this paired with 32GB (2x16) of Vengeance LPX.  I purchased these from Newegg.  The model on the box that contained the RAM appears to be CM4X16GC36000C18K2E-CN/2.  The system will boot up and run Windows 10 at 2133MHz.  I ran memtest86 on it passed 4 passes at this speed.  However, while it will get will post at 18-22-22-42, I get the BSOD when it tries to load Windows 10. I verified that the RAM are in slots A2 and B2 and reflected in the mobo manual.

Do I just have defective RAM that will not overclock?  How do I further troubleshoot or do I just need to return the RAM.

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