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Corsair AX1500i and Corsair type 4 HPWR cable compatibility

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I have Corsair AX1500i that have served well for years. Now got the RTX4090 and I ordered this cable: CP-8920284 "Corsair 12+4pin PCIe Gen 5 Type-4 12VHPWR 600W Cable".

The Corsair cable compatibility matrix is not maybe the easiest to read. As per that I would think it works as my PSU would be in the "AX (TITANIUM)" or "ALL AXi" class and for cable maybe "Type 4 - PCIe" but like I said unless you are really familiar with the SKUs it's hard to verify since this is quite old PSU already. Any thoughts/help appreciated?


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the AX1500i seem to be a type 3 PSU. in that case the 12VHPWR cable will be compatible.

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5 hours ago, Ashl777 said:

Hi.  Im in south africa and very little gamers on a corsair ax1500i and rtx4090 setup. PLEASE HELP! Will the new 600w cable be compatible with this older psu?

The cable is compatible with your PSU

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