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Bought sadness when chose a Corsair Scimitar


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My brand new Corsair Scimitar arrived today, but my experience with iCue software is just spoiling everything.

This software doesn't have an option to rebind mouse wheel up and down, nor the silly change profile key.

Because of this, my gaming experience changed to complete garbage, since rebinding mouse wheel to other keys is something I really need and I sincerely didn't expect such a basic thing to not exist in Corsair software.

Im really sad with it and I'm sincerely considering plugging back my Razer Naga with its broken RMB, since razer synapse allows to re-bind literally all keys of the mouse.

I didn't even imagine such a thing would be different on corsair software, like, what the freaking hell.

By the looks of it (google searchs), Corsair will never implement such a function.

My question is (comming from a desperate place):

By any miracle or chance, is implementing a function on iCUE to rebind wheel up/down - and also that silly change profile button - on Corsair plans??

It really feels like I just burned money buying this mice.


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