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I've got a bad stick.

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Corsair XMS 512Mb 400Mhz


Basically, I have two sticks of this product. When I try to boot with one it doesn't even get to BIOS. When I use the other identical stick in the same slot everything works fine. When I use both my computer only recognizes the one that I know works.


I bought it from NewEgg.com but their RMA policy expired a couple months ago. So I'm trying to RMA it to the manufacturer.


The numbers on the stick are:

CMX512-3200C2PT XMS3202v2.2



XMS3200 512Mb 400MHz CL2

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If you send them one at a time there is no way can be sure that the replacment modules would match. And you might be right back to square one.



With some companies, you can give a credit card number, and they'll ship you the new RAM before you send in the old. Can Corsair do that for me? It's pretty important that I keep this machine running.

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