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iCUE H100i elite capellix 360mm stock fans and buzzing sound

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Hello I just recently made a new build with H100i elite capelix 360mm aio. I have noticed that the stock RGB 120mm fans, all three of them, make a buzzing noise (can hear easily 3 ft away) once rpm reaches 1000-1500. 

900 rpm and under, can only hear the noise by putting one's ear next to case.
2000 + can only hear the high whirling of the fan without a buzz noise, cannot hear buzzing noise even one putting one's ears next to case.

I have included youtube video, one with AIO fans off and the other AIO fans at 1200 rpm. Also included pic of bios hardware monitor, idk if this conflicts with my icue software (have all fans and pump rpm on balance mode). My elite icue SP120 RBG PWM in the rear does not make the same buzz noise at 1200 rpm and neither do the three corsair case fans in the front make the buzz noise neither at same rpm. Since all three AIO fans make the noise, tried them one at a time, i doubt that they are defective. idk if the buzz noise is from fan bearings/voltage/vibration.  Are there any recommendations to help remedy this, ie grommet, rubber washers, change voltage or is this buzz noise normal for the stock fans?  If there are recommended washers/grommet could you please give a link to an example. Much Thanks!!


Case: mid size 5000x RBG with three provided front rgb 120mm fans, added 1 rear 120 spg icue elite fan and aio 360 h100i elite capellix, 

the three front case fans are connected to the PWM controller, included with case, the PWM controller is then attached to the corsair commander core (provider by AIO). the three AIO fans and 1 rear fan are connected directly into the same commander core.   

intel 13600k cpu

MSI MPG force wifi z690 mobo

corsair RM1000x ( 2021 ) PSU

Corsair Vengeance DDR5 32gb  2x16   5200 MHZ

like stated above using case's 1 PWM controller, also using case's 1 RBG controller and using 1 commander core provided by AIO






fans in bios.jpg

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