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iCUE 4 issue screen size


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I have iCUE 4 installed with H150i Elite Capellix with the LCD screen and 6 QL fans.
Everytime time I open the application, it starts with the same small screen, which I have to resize everytime to be able to control properly the program.

I am tired. I changed the motherboard and cpu and still the same problem. With iCUE 3 never had this issue

Please, I am the only one with the same issue?

Can anyone tell me how to solve it?



Captura de pantalla 2022-11-25 180817.png

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Not sure if someone has a guide to alter the program config, but yes this should have been resolved long ago.  Both window size and location should be remembered on subsequent launches.  I don't know why this is not part of CUE 4.  

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