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K95 RGB Platinum Red Triangle of doom - can't reset!

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Been getting the red triangle of doom in icue for my keyboard the last few weeks.  Unplugging usb and then back in brings it back for a while, but invariably it will hit the red triangle after a while.

The weird thing is so, I don't seem to be able to reset it - I have tried soft (hold esc key) and hard (pin in the reset hole) and neither appear to do anything?

Have also tried forcing firmware update (when it's recognised in icue) and that's not doing anything either.

Any ideas!?

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This is typically an initialization fail on boot. The reconnect lets it try again. There was a period of time some years back where this was happening to a fair number of users on specific keyboards, but this doesn’t come up much at all anymore unless you are using a KVM switch and the K95P was not a common victim. Generally this is going to be a problem on the motherboard side (physical usb slot problem) or BIOS setting or it can be a physical problem on the KB side.  Most of the time this is only at boot and the reconnect resolves it until the next boot. If it’s dropping the KB mid-use that seems like a voltage/signal drop. Unfortunately that doesn’t narrow things down between MB port or kb. 

If you can, switch the KB plugs to two new usb ports in back. If you have the BIOS set to “fast boot” you can disable it and that may help the board pick it up on the first boot. This can be a problem on the Windows OS “fast boot” side as well where you are dropping into hibernation instead of shutting down. However, if you have not changed these options lately directly or inadvertently through a bios update or Windows reinstall, it’s probably physical. The soft/hard resets typically do not help with this issue, only wipe your kb memory. 

I would start a support ticket with Corsair from the link at the bottom of the page. 

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