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RM850x 2 PCIe cables and RTX 4090


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I have an RM850x (2021), but it only came with 2 PCIe cables which split at the end into 2 8-pin connectors each. I have heard some conflicting information about whether it is okay to use just these two cables with the 4090 16-pin adapter.

Is it true that these cables support 300W each and is it safe to use just these 2 daisy chained cables? Or do I need to buy 2 more PCIe cables so that each of the four 8-pins going into the adapter is from a separate PCIe port on the PSU?

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I came here after googling the same issue, there's another open port on the PSU and I apparently foolishly assumed there would be another cable for it included with the PSU.

I have also connected my 4090 to it with the 2 cables, but considering the melting connector on their own proprietery cable (the nvidia one). I don't exactly feel safe with only the 2 pci-e cables used. In addition to that the website says it's supposed to come with 4(?) pci-e cables.

See this image from the product page:


Or is that supposed to be the 2 cables with the daisy chain?

Maybe it's perfectly safe to run it with the 2 cables with a daisy chain, but I'd like to hear some confirmation at least.

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looking at the PATA ansd SATA, it seems they count the number of connectors and not the number of cables..

my guess is two PCIE cables with a total of 4x PCIE connexions..

Rule of thumb, the piggyback cables are ok for small overloads, but not to carry twice the current constantly. Usually Corsair advises to use one discrete cable per PCIE connexion there. But if you're two cables short, you might as well get your life easy and get rid of the Nvidia squid cable by getting that one :


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