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Corsair iCUE Commander Pro Ports Failing

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I have a iCUE Commander Pro.  I run 6 Corsair Vengeance fans and 1 XD5 pump and reservoir.  Two fans are connected to one port.  The rest are individual.  One by one may ports began failing.  I replaced the iCUE Commander Pro.  Everything was working fine.  Within 24 hours, a fan port went down.  Whats the deal here?

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what fan models are they?

usually with PWM fans, having two fans per port is okay. but with 3 pin fans (voltage control) the chip doing the voltage regulation can pop pretty quickly by overheating when you use splitters.

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Hey, hey!

What exactly do you mean your fan port went down? Is it no longer being shown in iCUE under Cooling?

If so verify you are not running other software which can conflict with iCUE. iCUE is a hardware monitoring software as well as RGB, so conflicting hardware software such as HWINFO can cause the ability to loose iCUE control now that another hardware software monitoring software is in control. HWINFO does have a setting to disable Corsair from what I recall.

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