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Adding RGB strips to the the SP120 RGB Elite fan kit

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Good Morning,


I have a PC build with an SP120 RGB Elite Fan kit with the 6 FAN RGB Hub that has the 4 pin PWM connectors.  I would like to add RGB lights and am looking for a way to connect the corsair rgb lighting kit to the same controller if that is possible.  I have seen mention of adapters but I can seem to find specific info to help after searching for about an hour.  I know this is probably asked and answered a bunch of time but I would appreciate any assistance.,  My MB is out of connectors so I either need to replace the hub or find an adapter…..Ive also read that the commander pro doesnt work with RGB Fans…not sure if that is true but I guess the commander pro could work if that is not the case…although Id love to use what I have….thanks in advance for any guidance

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I am going to assume you have a Lighting Node Core, which is the standard controller in the multi-pack for SP-Elite fans.  There is no natural way to connect RGB strips into that and it is meant for fans only.  If you have a lower number of fans (4 or less), you may be able to get away with using a fan port as the source with a 3rd party adapter.  However, there are going to be limits and this will be tricky because even if you only have 3 x SP-Elite and lie to tell the controller there are 6, that only generates 24 more LEDs or 2 strips worth.  This approach will be limited in application.


Check out the pricing on the RGB strip kit with the Lighting Node Pro controller.  That would handle the strips.  Then you would have two choices.  1) Find a RGB Lighting Hub on ebay or other 3rd party marketplace.  It was a $10 USD part, but they are scarce so likely more expensive.  That goes into the other LED slot and the SP-Elite goes there.  No more Lighting Node Core and they share one controller and 1 USB 2 port.  Option 2 is more common -- get a USB 2 hub.  Typically they are less than $20 USD and much easier to obtain than RGB Lighting Hub.  Use both controllers.


The Commander Pro also has 2 LED ports but also requires the RGB Lighting Hub for the fans.  It does have 2 USB passthrough ports, but that is not the way to solve that issue.  You only get the Commander Pro because you want fan speed control and not just lighting control.  Then you could connect the LNCore to the USB passthrough while the PWM wires go to the Commander Pro and LED strips go to LED port on the C-Pro.  

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