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4.30.162 breaks link lighting effect over LL120 when type lighting effect is used

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Link lighting when enabled doesn't work when type lighting effect is used over the 3 x LL120 rgb fans and my 3xsp120 fans with ique software version 4.30.162.

If i down grade software to ique software to version 4.28.177 then link lighting works again with type lighting effect enabled over my 3 x LL120 fans and 3 x SP120 fans. 

any idea how to fix? anyone else having same issue? 






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There has been a lot of chatter about this for several months.  Some users are adamant it is broken and then for some of us it works as expected.  The only working theory I have is it is related to profile structure.  Try creating a brand new profile while on 4.30 and enable Lighting Link Type Lighting.  Does it work?  In my testing on 4.30 for this, older profiles I created long ago but imported into CUE 4 will not properly show the type lighting waves on the fans.  Just KB, mouse, RAM.  When a new profile is created, I am awash in rainbow waves system wide.  That doesn't really help resolve the underlying issue, but may offer a workaround.  

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