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HS80 not outputting audio


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Hello I recently bought a new PC that came with Windows 11. I plugged in my wireless receiver and proceeded to download dolby access. Everything seems to be in working order dolby says I am good to go, it is selected as my pc audio output but sound does not work, mic does according to discord. I decided to download ICUE and install those drivers as well assuming that they may work together and downloaded all updates. Long story short, now my headset only works in wired mode despite my receiver still being recognized in ICUE. When I plug in my headset it creates a second audio device. While I am plugged in both audio devices will do that same thing. I think my PC may think my headset is a wired version but ICUE shows that the receiver exists and is paired. Don't know what to do.


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Just to clear out some details, when you change the output device on your pc to "wireless gaming headset" the USB wire is still connected?

If yes, then the headset is using wired mode. You can change to wireless mode by pressing and hold the power button for a while. Judging from the screenshot, you have both USB dongle and USB wire connected. So, HS80 is forced to be on wired mode.

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