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My experience having just upgraded from iCue 3 & Aura Lighting Control to iCue 4 and Armoury Crate. Not a condemnation of either just my experience. it may help some of you to decide.


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Not passing judgement of the vices or virtues of either iCue 4 or Armoury Crate.

Simply showing what happened with my 3 year old ASUS Z370-E gaming motherboard/PC RGB lighting when I upgraded from iCue 3 & AURA Lighting_Control_1.07.79_V2.2 to iCue 4 & Armoury Crate.

For whatever reason Corsair iCue 4 or ASUS Armoury Crate or both did not want to play nice with my ASUS motherboard.



I had iCue 3.88.88 installed because initially iCue 4 did not support my Void RGB Wireless Surround.  3.88.8 supported my keyboard, mouse, headset and the 6 RGB headers of my ASUS motherboard

I opted to update to 4.22.203 because it now supported my Void RGB Wireless Surround headset.

Uninstalled Aura Lighting Control 1.07.84 then iCue 3.88.8.


Installed iCue 4.22.203; Installed the Corsair Plugin For Aura Sync in the correct folder;  Installed Armoury Crate


4.22.203 recognized all 6 RGB headers on my motherboard, but only 4 were functional.  Auto profile switching when opening an app worked for all of the Corsair devices and the ASUS motherboard except for the two aforementioned RGB headers.

When the app was closed the Corsair devices returned to the default profile while the ASUS motherboard RGB Headers were stuck in the app profile.  To fix this I had to close down iCue and Restart it.  Only then did the default profile work on all devices, but this was only a temporary fix.  No amount of restarting iCue, Armoury Crate or my PC fixed this problem.

To try to fix this I installed iCue 4.30.162 through the update in iCue.

Results:   Only four of the ASUS motherboard RGB headers were recognized.  The two RGB headers that were made non-functional in 4.22.203 were no longer even recognized in 4.30.162.  Profile switching still did not function correctly.  No amount of restarting iCue, Armoury Crate or my PC fixed the issue.

So Completely uninstalled iCue 4 and Armoury Crate using the Armoury Crate uninstall tool v2.1.5.0.  The hunted down all Armoury Crate folders and registry entries.

Installled ASUS Aura LightingControl 1.07.84; installed iCue 3.88.88 and placed the Corsair Plugin For Aura Sync in the correct folder.  Everything is working as it should.


Hope this is helpful.


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