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Execute Custom Scripts on Nexus/Keyboards


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Hi all, I got myself a Nexus last year and have been disappointed with the development so far. Been looking at ways to customise it a bit more and have come up with this solution in the meantime.

*Scenario* So I have 2 Audio outputs, Sound Bar and Headset. I notice I switch between them both quite a lot and wanted an easy accessible way of changing the output on the fly.

Looked online and found I could create a pretty simple PowerShell script utilising an external module (can link it if people want it). Tested it, worked perfectly and moved onto the next issue. (Attached Script to help others)

Anyway, created a desktop shortcut that allows me to double click and run the script and thought that maybe the "Launch App" option would work if I used it but it didn't. Had a look round and found a VSCode plugin that allows you to package a .ps1 script into an .exe file. Did this and set the macro to launch the .exe file and it worked! Can't wait to start utilising more custom scripts on the Nexus and hope they introduce a much better way of doing this in the future.

I assume this can also be used on any other iCUE "Launch a program" assignments too.





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