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Sturdy Chair ?

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Bought a Corsair T2 in 2018, In around 2020 just before the warranty was up the base snapped clean off the chairs base which caused me to fall back injuring my neck, A defect from the factory I'm guessing as it uses subpar metals, As it was still in warranty I got sent as new one.

I showed the break to my father who worked with metals daily and his first words were "That's pig metal" pig metal is a bi-product of steel making and is the cheapest rubbish you can have in a product.

Few days ago the lever action of the replacement chair to have you either sitting up straight or leaning back made a loud CLICK and I flew backwards which hurt my spine to the point I have to book an appointment to get an xray as I now have a permanent shooting pain across the middle of my back, Another fault from the factory due to using subpar metals, This is out of warranty so I won't be able to get it replaced, I'm 220 pounds so well under the weight maximum which is 300 pounds.

So here is my question to any Corsair employee, Is there any chance you may have a sturdy chair in development that uses good materials ?

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