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K95 RGB Platinum, Red missing from all LEDs for the keys

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I bought the keyboard around 2-3 years ago. I just started messing around with the color profiles and I noticed that when the keys should of been red, it was blue. I then switched to the default rainbow profile and their was no red present for the keys either, only blues and greens.

So, I went ahead and made a new profile so all color profiles were off for all corsair components. I then set all keys on the keyboard to Red (255,0,0) but only the top bar part presented red. I went ahead and reset the keyboard with the ESC method, which didn't work. Next I went and forced the firmware update through iCue, which also didnt work. 

Now I'm out of ideas, so any more would be greatly appreciated!


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Added in that Blue and Green work fine.
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See the directions for reset below. I would try force updating the firmware first (hard reset). This seems like a firmware issue with all LEDs of one type out. You can do this from the CUE menu. Check for update-> none -> force update. If it does not work, try the soft reset ESC key below. If still nothing, contact Corsair Support. 


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Whoops.  Sorry.  Lost some of the text on the phone.  I don't really understand the error unless the Red-Green-Blue LEDs all have separate power delivery.  Interesting how the top bar seems to be OK.  Perhaps it is physical and downstream from there.  

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On 11/23/2022 at 10:26 AM, JBrett said:

Thank you for the response. I'll Reach out to support as iv tried that already sadly!

Let me know what they say because mine just started doing this the other day and I have been pulling my hair out trying to figure it out. 

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