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K70 Mk.2 RGB - W key has intermittent issues

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Sometimes, when pressing or holding the W key, the button either doesn't register or will register multiple times in sequence. Right now I've had to go back and delete so many W's from this post because when I press W once, what is typed is "www" or sometimes no W at all. When walking in a video game using W to go forward, I'll occasionally just stop moving until I let go and press the W key again.

I've made sure iCue is updated, I've cleaned my keyboard out the best I can by taking key caps off and dusting underneath with compressed air. Is the key going out? I've only had the keyboard for 2 years. I'm wondering if some liquid may have somehow dripped down into the switch itself. Could some rubbing alcohol fix it if so?

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The switch is either dirty or bad most likely. You can try to utilize some compressed air to gently blow any dirt/debris that may be causing the issue. As for liquid spill... only you would be able to answer if that occurred or not, and rubbing alcohol is not going to fix liquid damage.

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