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K100 Air Wireless & M65 RGB Ultra Wireless - Random Input Lag

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Dear Ladies and Gents,
    hope you are all having great fun with your Corsair hardware!

I recently bought an M65 RGB Ultra Wireless mouse and since the first day I'm experiencing weird input lag issues.
At first I wanted to connect the K100 Air Wireless and the mouse on the same Slipstream receiver, it worked for a couple of days and then input lag appeared, I tried to:
- Pair again the devices
- Change the polling rate
- Change the ports
But nothing worked.
Then I decided to plug them into two different Slipstream receiver, in the ports on top of the case I put the Keyboard one and right in front of the M65, in the M800 mouse pad port, I plugged the receiver for the mouse. I set up the polling rate 1k for K100 and 2k for M65, and everything worked correctly for a couple of days, then again the same issue appeared. I tried to work with the mouse wired in, but still the input lag persist.

This strange behaviour started as soon as I bought the mouse and started using it, before that when I was having a wired mouse and the K100 Air Wireless everything was perfect and the Slipstream device was placed on the top of my case.

If there anything I could do to fix this? 


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19 hours ago, Corsair Raven said:

Are you using multipoint for both those devices? If not, are the receivers for the respective devices plugged into neighboring ports? If yes, please space them apart, could be interference.

I did use the first time 1 receiver for both devices, which was plugged in the M800 pad right in front of both of them, but it didn't work out. Now the one for the mouse is plugged in front of the mouse in the M800, and the other one is on top of my case, they are 1 meter apart. Also I experience input lag also when the mouse is wired in with the USB cable, which is strange. I'm starting thinking that the problem might be iCUE and its handling of the polling rate. What would you think?

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Important Update

The issue happen only when I'm recording / streaming with OBS Studio.

Is there any solution to that? Is this a known issues? Can someone point me to the latest solution for this?

Thank you, I'll post as soon as I find a solution.

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Dear All,
    I deeply apologise for double/triple posting.

I finally understood what was wrong, below you can find my takeaways:
1. It's not an hardware problem: the Slipstream and the mouse work like charm, both single pair and multi pair.
2. The problem is OBS x264 encoding which monopolize the CPU priority queue and do not let iCUE process to handle correctly the mouse polling causing my problem of input lag while streaming / recording.

In the OBS -> Settings -> Output: change the x264 encoder with NVENC H.264 or a similar GPU-based encder, to avoid using CPU for the encoding process.

Find a way to reduce the priority of the encoding process and/or increase the priority of the iCUE services in order to gain priviledge in the CPU queues.



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