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LL RGB Fans dont illuminate


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Been having this problem for about 18 months now.. on an off.. they will work for a month or so.. and then (for no apparent reason) fail to turn on
They are not working currently, for about last 6 weeks.. so want to finally get to the bottom of it and get them working reliably.
There are 2 of them, so its not individual fan failure... 
As I say, fail/work does not seem related to anything.. not to an icue/windows/antivirus update etc.. 
tried uninstalling/reinstalling icue (which seems to identify the Lighting node pro just fine) and alows me to configure the fan lighting.. but nothing displays (fans spin fine).

I wanted to post log files so someone could take a look... but looks like I cant post as zip files not supported..  😞 

I took a quick look, but not sure what I am looking at... could clearly see lots of warnings.. but too many to think they all significant to my issue. 
So hoped one of you experts who know whats normal, and what to look for can quickly point me in the right direction.
There are a lot of log files from the export logs feature of icue... which ones are the key ones?  
Or may be I can put them in cloud storage and just post a link here?

Any idea how best I can get support?
Its a win 11 home machine.. Prime B450M-A  motherboard.. fully patched (windows and drivers from ASUS website IIRC).
latest icue 4.30.162 and latest firmward for Lighting node pro (0.10.4) 
Shout if you have questions.... 

Thanks in advance and best regards

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What are the ports on the RGB hub numbered that you are plugging the RGB cable from the fans into?

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there are 2 control modules in the PC (I didnt build it.. it was bought like this)
One control module (the one from the USB I believe, so presume its the "lighting node pro") has 2 ports.. and the output in in port 1.
That goes to the second control module.. that has 6 output ports (which the fans plug into I believe)
and these have the fans plugged into ports 1 and 2.
This matches whats in icue.. where it shows up to 6 fans can be controlled..  we have it set that fans 1 and 2 are active. 
See pic attached.


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  • Corsair Employees

Mind providing a screenshot of the iCUE software with the lighting node pro selected and in the lighting setup menu?

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  • Corsair Employees

Have you tried Channel 2 on the Lighting Node Pro, and have you tested each fan individually on the RGB Hub in the port 1? Also check and make sure that the SATA power from the 6 port RGB Fan Hub is connected to a SATA power cable from the PSU.

I can see one SATA connection there but am unable to tell if that is the LNP or the Hub. Both have power that needs to be connected.

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Thanks.. I will check and report back.. 
In past I pretty sure I have tried Channel 2 on LNP... 
The fact that iCue detects/shows LNP suggests it must be getting power?  and fact that fans are spinning also confirms they getting power? (power and signal comes from hub?).
As I said at start.. fact it works and then does not, then does, then does not... with no changes to any of these is whats making me think it software..  but may be a wierd "lose connection" of some sort? ( I have "wiggled" all connections to see if it helps.. but it does not)
I will do it all again.. swap ports.. trace all power/signal cables and try make sure they all plugged in OK.. and report back.
are there no logs files that confirm the 6 port hub is being seen/detected ok? and/or fans are working? or detection/logs stop at the LNP?
Anyway - I will retest all and report back.

Best regards 

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  • Corsair Employees

The RGB LEDs receive power from the hub. The fans have two separate cables, one for PWM signal and power for the fan motor, and the other for RGB. 

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apologies for the delay.. I was away a couple of days.. and then my daughter (who's computer it is, was away, and she took it with her).

So not done all the checks yet.. will feed back.. but when she came back, I unpacked and connected her PC as normal, no change.
But next day.. see pic.. 
Now interestingly... although the fans are lit.. they are completely static (when settings in iCue says they should be "Rainbow wave")
This is similar to what we have seen in past.. in past, most recently  when they have worked.. they may have "rainbow waved" for about 10 mins.. then go to just static colours, as they are now (TBH.. my daughter is useless at spotting things with her PC.. so may be it same and lights were wave for a while... but by time I saw them.. they static)
Now this morning when PC started... they back to "not working at all".. no messing about with any connections.
AS you can see from pic, the colours are not the same for each fan... dont know if that tells you anything.

Anyway - does this behaviour help narrow down the cause?  clearly the fans during this pic had power and power to the LED.
How can that happen yet LED not be in full control (i.e. not "rainbow wave")
Yet next day on boot... they back to fans spinning... but zero LED lights

I will check connections and feed back... but this is looking increasingly like a defective unit? (Lighting node pro? as the hub is just dumb, and so cant explain the sceanrios I describe?) 




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Just some more.. This morning.. they back on again (I was the one who started up PC.. and the colours were static right form start)
Daughter put it to sleep which she went out for a bit... when she came back. and woke up PC... lights failed to come back on.

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Unfortunately I don’t think it narrows it down between fan problem and RGB hub/LNPro issue. The lighting pathway is serial, so if you get a full on dead LED it’s pretty easy to see where the issue is located with a half lit fan. It’s trickier when you have intermittent signal on the line. That can take form of flashing or strobing fans or sometimes just weird patterns like your pic above. The on/off nature of this makes me wonder about the 5v delivery through the RGB lighting hub, but only one way to find out. 

As described above, start by moving the RGB hub to LN Pro connection to LED port 2. This is a check on the circuitry in the two led channels. You will need to change the lighting set up in CUE to match channel 1 with “LL fans x 2”. 

Assuming this does not work, put it back on channel 1. Then disconnect the RGB plug from port 1 on the RGB lighting hub and move fan 2 into port 1. It is not necessary to change the lighting setup in CUE and will continue to act like there are 2 LL fans. If the new #1 fan performs normally for lighting, that puts the blame on fan 1. If it remains inconsistent, it stands to reason the problem is on the RGB lighting hub. 

Which ever way this turns out, you are probably going to need a replacement something. You mentioned 18 months of this. If you are less than 2 years you are still under warranty and should get a support ticket started. 

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Thanks for the explanation.. 
SO when I turned on PC today... no fans lit (they were on last night at some point)
So I swapped the LN Pro port 1 to port 2.. changed the setting to add channel 2.. but nothing changed (I rebooted to be sure)
I changed the port 2 to port 1 on the hub.. no change 
SO I reset the LN pro back to port 1 and just ensured fans both plugged into hub ports 1 and 2
So I checked the power connectors (2 SATA power connectors.. correct? I could not see more)
While I was fiddling with th epower... one single LED in the top fan lit red  (at 11 o'clock position)
So I went back to iCue and dont think I did anything but all of a sudden the whole top fan lit and seemed to be doing the correct "Rainbow wave", the bottom fan remained unlit.
TBH... not sure if top fan is in hub port 1 or 2 (I should have checked), but I guess 1.
Anyway - to really confuse things... I went to tidy up icue... and since LN pro is plugged into port 1... I disabled channel 2... and... the top fan lights went off,
I reactivated channel 2.. and it came back on.. 
SO this has really confused me... seems totally illogical.

Any further ideas?
p.s. the rig is 3 years old.. so out of warrenty now.. I should have investigated sooner.. 

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OK, quick update.. 
Went in today.. and both fans on.. 
Though top fan seems to be working fully (i.e. lit and doing the "rainbow wave" pattern) and seems to be consistently on now.. and consistently showing the correct rainbow wave pattern
The second (bottom) fan was on, but was just on a pattern that was not changing. weather it on or off is still inconsisent/erratic. 

So, apart from the confusing "lights went out when I turned off second channel, when they plugged into port one of LN Pro"  (I will retest - as that just seems to bizarre to be true.
It looks like LN Pro is OK.. and I have top good fan in port 1 of hub and I have a bad bottom fan in port 2 of hub

That sound about right?  

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