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Loosing Parts of ICue

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Getting really Fed up with ICue now everytime you start the PC something changes or disapears 😞 

Swapped Com Pro checked all wiring after RGB ussues with Fans ( Not resolved ) Swopped RGB Hub /Node Pro  No difference .

So did a complete Fresh  reinstall of ICue including deleating folders in registry restarted PC and everything seemed to be there including Hydro X wizard (Which was missing ) All fan controls worked IE quiet balenced ETC .

Made sure no other program is conflicting ICue as MB is MSI and deleated them looked in Bios to see and could not see anything that may corrupt 

Reset most intems and still had RGB problems 😞 2 Fans work complete 1 partial and 3 dont no RGB 😒

So raised a Ticket to get items replaced what items ? as swapped all but fans ?? 

Restarted PC and now half of ICue missing ......................    No Fan config /Hydro X Wizard/ RGB still Crap 💩

OK I know if 1 LED Fails the rest in the chain fail ( Crap design)  and the new comander is configered different to stop this BUT 

So what is making ICue no remember items /settings /etc ??? 

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